6 Oldest Castles in the World

Apr 16, 2024, 10:05 PM IST

6 Oldest Castles in the World

Riya Teotia

Source: oldest.org

Riya Teotia

Citadel of Aleppo, Syria

The Citadel of Aleppo is one of the oldest and largest castles in the world. Usage of the Citadel hill dates back to at least 3000 BCE, but the majority of the current structure was probably built during the Ayuubid dynasty in the 12th century.

Reichsburg Cochem, Germany

Reichsburg Cochem is one of the oldest castles in the world. It is believed that this German castle was first built around the year 1000 by the Palatinate count Ezzo.

Warwick Castle, England

The first castle to be built on the site of Warwick Castle was constructed in 1068 by William the Conquerer. Around 1260, the castle was gradually rebuilt in stone by each successive Earl of Warwick.

Windsor Castle, England

The construction of the first proper Windsor Castle began sometime around 1070 after the Norman Invasion of England by William the Conqueror.

Hohensalzburg Castle, Austria

Originally, the fortress of Hohensalzbug Castle was built in 1077 by Gebhard I of Helffenstein, who was the archbishop at the time.

Rochester Castle, England

Rochester Castle was built in the late 1080s after William II asked Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester to build a stone castle in Rochester so he could take command of an important river crossing.

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