First Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi- 5 Key Facts

Feb 19, 2024, 02:57 PM IST

First Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi- 5 Key Facts

Vikrant Singh

PM Narendra Modi will visit the UAE from February 13-14 to inaugurate the first Hindu temple 'BAPS Mandir' in Abu Dhabi and meet the top leadership of the UAE. Here are some features of the temple.

The enormous complex boasts remarkable measurements: 32.92 metres (108 feet) high, 79.86 metres (262 feet) long, and 54.86 metres (180 feet) wide.

The temple’s foundation incorporates 100 sensors, while over 350 sensors are strategically placed throughout the structure, continuously gathering data on earthquake activity

Marble carvings using more than 25,000 pieces of stone have been crafted against a sandstone backdrop.

There are two Ghumats (domes), seven Shikhars (spires) that signify UAE’s seven emirates, 12 Samrans (dome-like structures) and 402 pillars.

The choice of these stones, known for their durability against scorching temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius reflects the practical considerations for the UAE’s climate

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