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An introduction to the plans you offer and the differences between them

Newby Fund

If any of the following apply
$ 3,000 - 5,000
, or
  • Lowest Monthly Revenue $3,000-$5,000, or
  • Personal bank account, not a business account (regardless of revenue amount), or
  • Sales are under $15,000 with FICO below $450.

Advance Funding

If All of the following apply
$ 3,000-$5,000
, or
  • Lowest Monthly Revenue $5,000-$15,000, or
  • Business Bank account, is not in your personal name, and
  • Fico is above 450

Bigger Funding

If both of the following apply
$ 15,000
, or 2Mil
  • Lowest monthly revenue $15,000+ and
  • Must have a business bank account
    "Not in your personal name"
  • Credit Score 600+

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When a lender agrees to offer a borrower a specific interest rate on a mortgage and to hold that rate for a predetermined length of time, this is referred to as a loan lock.


A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.


An agreement by a commercial bank or other financial institution to lend a company or individual a specific amount of money is known as a loan commitment. Consumers wanting to purchase a home or businesses preparing to make a significant purchase might both benefit from a loan commitment.

The loan may be made as a one-time payment in full or, in the case of an open-ended loan promise, as a line of credit that the borrower may access as needed (up to a predetermined limit).


How Do You Grade a Loan?
A loan is graded according to its quality based on the borrower’s credit history, the value of the collateral, and the chance that the principle and interest will be repaid. A portfolio of loans may also receive a score. Loan grading is typically a step in the credit underwriting and approval processes and is a component of a lending institution’s loan review or credit risk system.

A loan review system can serve a variety of objectives, including detecting loans with credit problems so banks can take action to reduce credit risk, identifying trends influencing the portfolio’s capacity to be repaid, and for financial and regulatory reporting.


Yes, Typically 3 Month Minimum but that’s only for startups



But we recommend this partner: 

Lending Club


A financial ratio called the loan life coverage ratio (LLCR) is used to gauge a company’s solvency or its capacity to repay outstanding debt. The LLCR is determined by dividing the amount of outstanding debt by the net present value (NPV) of the funds available for debt repayment.


Financial institutions commit to loans based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and—if it’s a secured commitment—on the value of some kind of collateral. This collateral may be a home in the case of private consumers. The money made available under the loan commitment can thereafter be used by borrowers up to the predetermined cap. When the borrower repays a portion of the loan’s principle, the lender adds that sum back to the available loan limit, similar to how a revolving line of credit operates.


The main factor determining the terms of an unsecured loan is the borrower’s creditworthiness. One relatively simple illustration of an unsecured open-end lending obligation is a credit card. Typically, the credit limit increases along with the borrower’s credit score.

However, because there is no collateral supporting the debt, the interest rate may be greater than on a secured loan promise. Unsecured loans commonly include an interest rate and minimum payment schedule that are fixed. When compared to a secured loan promise, this type of loan’s application and approval procedures frequently need less paperwork and time.


If the Property has the value in which you are requesting funding or if the potential income is around the range of what you are trying to borrow, yes.


Yes, But you will need a business plan, LLC and 680 Credit score. 

Great (Cheap) Business Plan:

Need Credit help?


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It is time to take your business to the next level.

How may new business owners obtain a loan?

Strong company plans, outstanding personal credit scores, and collateral are requirements for beginners who want to obtain a business loan. Annual sales and cash flow can help a business become more established and hence qualify for loans with better terms.

Can getting a company loan be simple?

Since roughly half of small firms fail within the first five years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business loans aren’t always simple to obtain. If your business has cash flow, a thorough business strategy, and outstanding personal credit, you’ll have the highest chance of being approved for a loan.

You put in a lot of effort to expand your company. You should keep the entire amount. We offer 3X your monthly revenue in equity-free funding. There is no interest. There is no collateral. There are no hidden costs.

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          Erin Bury   


Clearco has been with us from Day 1 and is a pillar of our funding strategy, allowing us to invest in all of our marketing activities without having to give up equity. It’s one of the most founder-friendly sources of capital.

Get Funded!!

It is time to take your business to the next level.

Are you at the beginning or need help Qualifying. Join our funding program.Grow Your Business Credit

Opportunity to Gain Access to Funding:

Business funding programs can help you get your company off the ground, grow, invest in marketing and equipment, or deal with unforeseen costs. When contrasted with bootstrapping or using personal savings, they provide a broader range of options.
Your company's cash flow will be improved and resources will be less stressed if the cost of equipment or projects is spread out over several loan payments.
Be Eligible for Greater Sums: Funding programs frequently provide greater sums of money than what traditional lenders would be ready to give to startups or smaller businesses.

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