Taking control of your finances allows you to make decisions about your future.​

Credit Restoration Inquiry

All programs come with Reshwaw Wealth Management Teams 90-day money-back guarantee, If you don’t see questionable negative items removed in the first 90 days, you will get a full refund. Call today for complete guarantee details.

The Process

It’s simple to improve your credit score when you work with us. Our all-inclusive approach entails us doing the work while you sit back and wait for the results.
During your free credit counseling session, your Consultant will discuss your current credit situation and develop a personalized action plan for successfully improving your credit score.

We have no out-of-pocket expenses, contracts, or commitments. In addition, we can work on an unlimited number of items in your credit file. Work On Unlimited Questionable Records

No Upfront Costs

No Contracts or Commitments

24/7 Online Access & Credit Progress Tracking

Equifax, Experian, and Transunion Credit

Customized Action Plans Around Your Goals and Budget

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You are here for a reason. Why wait? Never in history has someone been able to build credit as fast and affordable as now.





Leverage credit
to scale your business
Are You A Business Owner?

Stop cosigning and being the guarantor for your business to scale. To reduce personal liability for business expenses. You have to show that its finances are separate. The first step is to get a business credit card.


Level Up & Get Your Credit Up


With Our Financial
Coaching Team.

Here’s how we can help you fix your credit:

We leverage the fair credit reporting act which was passed by congress to prevent credit bureaus from intruding into people’s personal lives.

Based on that we are able to dispute any negative, duplicate, or erroneous items on a credit report. Bankruptcies, tax liens, repossessions, foreclosures, student loans, medical bills, collection, charge-offs it really doesn’t matter what the negative item is, it can be disputed to be removed.
cost which includes but are not limited to:

The process is pretty simple, we will dispute all negatives to be deleted or updated to reflect paid as agreed. We pull your credit report, perform a detailed analysis then dispute every negative item on your report at the same time with all 3 credit agencies, creating a very quick turnaround.

Customers start seeing results within 30-90 days with us.

You will also get your own customer portal to track your progress every step of the way including 12 additional services at no additional cost which includes but are not limited to:


Customer Inquiry Deletions

Clients are continuously getting Inquiries, Collections charge offs ect. Deleted on a daily based with letters 

The erasure of a hard inquiry from a person’s credit record is referred to as a credit inquiry. When a lender or creditor requests access to a person’s credit record in order to make a loan decision, this is known as a hard inquiry. This inquiry can result in a few points being deducted from a person’s credit score and can stay on their credit record for up to two years.

To raise their credit score or prevent having too many inquiries on their record, a person might in some circumstances desire to have a hard inquiry deleted off their credit report. If a hard inquiry was made as a result of fraud or identity theft, removing it is still crucial.

The person can request the deletion of credit inquiries by filing a dispute with the credit bureau that generated the credit report. The dispute procedure often entails submitting evidence that the inquiry was impermissible or that the lender lacked authorization to obtain the credit report.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not all credit inquiries can be removed. It is not possible to take legal and approved inquiries off of a credit report. However, people may help keep a clean credit report and raise their credit score by monitoring their credit report and being diligent about challenging unauthorized queries.

Taking control of your finances allows you
to make decisions about your future.

A Financial Wellbeing Coach will provide you with opportunities to put what you’ve learned in group sessions into practice through individual coaching sessions. The coach will teach you how to better manage your money, walk you through the steps of your financial journey, and then continue to support you as you do it on your own. We offer small group coaching sessions in addition to individual coaching sessions for people who want to practice and/or delve deeper into a specific topic. These sessions focus on skill development on topics covered in group education and provide you with additional opportunities to learn about a subject.


New Credit Clients

Credit Restoration Inquiry


3rd Party Company We Pull Credit Reports Through to Gain Back-end Reports

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Factual Verification under FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) Section 611

The Factual Verification Process starts with the filing of a drafted dispute with each credit bureau using all required language under the FCRA to ensure complete compliance by the credit bureaus and proper verification of information furnished by creditors.

Using the correct language ensures that the credit bureaus and creditor are legally put on notice that you have:

1) Disputed the validity of the information.
2) Assured the bureaus and creditors that your dispute is not frivolous, irrelevant, or without merit; and
3) Have demanded that the bureaus and creditors produce a description of the procedure used to come to their conclusion under FCRA 611(B)(iii).

This process will take 30 days from the date your initial dispute is filled with the credit bureaus. They will then mail you an updated credit results, where some accounts will be deleted and some will be verified. The results should include details on the process used to come to that conclusion.

In some cases we will file separate charges with the Federal Trade Commission and Bureau of Financial Protection against each Credit Bureau and each individual creditor. This procedure relies on using the required legal language and then holding the creditors and credit bureaus responsible by filing appropriate charges and providing the requisite evidence that the credit bureaus and creditors had notice but were negligent in following the law.


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