This clear and concise 12-20 page business plan is designed to give you a quick yet comprehensive strategic overview. It includes all the essentials: an Executive Summary, Company Description, SWOT Analysis, Financial Forecast, and Customer Analysis. Plus, there’s a tailored Marketing Plan to meet your specific promotional needs.

We’ve also built in the flexibility for one revision so you can refine and perfect your strategy based on initial feedback. This ensures your plan aligns perfectly with your business goals. It’s ideal for making fast decisions and gaining foundational insights.


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Basic Business Plan

$350.00 | Basic Plan
12-20 Page Business Plan
with one year Budget
Abbreviated Business Plan

-Executive Summary
-Company Description
-SWOT Analysis
-Financial Forecast
-Customer Analysis
-Tailored Marketing Plan
-Revisions Allowed (1)

This concise 12-20 page business plan offers a streamlined strategic overview, including key components such as an Executive summary, company Description, SWOT Analysis, Financial Forecast, and Customer Analysis. It also features a customized Marketing Plan tailored to your specific needs and includes one revision to refine your strategy based on feedback.

Benefits of Using a Business Plan:

Clarity and Direction: Provides a clear roadmap for your business, outlining goals and the steps needed to achieve them.
Informed Decision-Making: Helps in making well-informed decisions by providing detailed analysis and forecasts.
Attracting Investors: Enhances your ability to secure funding by presenting a professional, comprehensive plan.
Performance Tracking: Allows you to track progress and measure success against defined objectives.
Risk Management: Identifies potential challenges and opportunities, enabling proactive risk management.
Ideal for fast decision-making and gaining foundational insights, this business plan is a vital tool for steering your business towards success.

$350.0 +Tax

Credit Wealth Team
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